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2nd Turkish Grand National Assembly Republican Museum

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2nd the establishment of the Turkish Grand National Assembly of Turkey serving as the museum building; it was devoted to the youth of the Republic by witnessing the birth of Atatürk’s principles and revolutions and the multi-party system.

Republic Museum or II. Grand National Assembly of Turkey building in 1923 by architect Vedat Tek People’s Republic Party on the basement designed as a meeting place was built of cut stone in two layers. However, when the 1st TBMM building was not sufficient at that time, it was arranged as a parliament building and was put into service on 18 October 1924. Building; Having an important place in Turkish political history, II. Parliament, the realization of Ataturk’s principles and revolutions in the years 1924-1960, the removal of important laws, has witnessed the signing of international agreements such as the transition to a multiparty system and political history of Turkey’s major events.

Between 1924-1960, Atatürk’s principles and revolutions were realized in this hall, modern laws were enacted, important agreements were made, and the transition to a multi-party system was achieved. Atatürk read the “Great Speech”, which lasted 36 hours and 33 minutes for 6 days between 15 October and 20 October 1927, in this hall.

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