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Abant Lake Bolu

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It is a crater and deposit lake formed on the Abant Mountains 34 kilometers southwest of Bolu. There are many hills in the park area from 1400 meters to 1700 meters. Lake Abant has a fascinating beauty every month of the year. Abant is a very popular holiday center that is preferred both for sightseeing and staying. The lake, whose area is 127 hectares, is 1328 meters above sea level. It feeds on groundwater. Its depth is 18 meters. Due to the plant richness of Abant Lake and its surroundings and its great outdoor recreation potential, 1196.5 hectares of the area was taken under protection as a “Nature Park” in 1988.

The surroundings of Abant Lake are very rich in flora and fauna. Scots pine, larch, beech, oak, poplar, ash, hornbeam, willow, juniper trees and rhododendron, crazy, hazelnut, medlar, chickadee, hawthorn, holly, rosehip, nettle, blackberry, strawberry, mint, raspberry, ivy, nettle, horsetail and meadow grasses make up mainly trees and shrubs. The edges of Abant Lake are filled with various aquatic plants and water lilies. Abant Çiğdemi (Crocus Abantensis) is located on the slopes rising around Lake Abant.

Fox, jackal, wolf, bear, pig, deer, roe deer, rabbit, squirrel, weasel from wild animals in the forests around the lake; wild geese, wild ducks, heron, coot, cormorant, pike, predators from waterfowl; As falcon, born, black vulture, eagle eagle, hawk, owl and other bird varieties; lark, alakabak, puhu, gokdogan, woodpecker, blackbird, nightingale, finch and jug.

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