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Ani Ruins is located in the southeast of Kars city, within the boundaries of Ocaklı Village, 42 kilometers from the city center.

It has hosted various cultures since prehistoric times due to its topography, which is very suitable for settlement and defense.

The city was established on the first entry point of the Silk Road from the Caucasus to Anatolia, which was an important trade route in the Middle Ages.

The city, which showed a great development in this period, became the political, cultural and economic center of the region.

Ani is a summary of the medieval city with its impressive walls, examples of religious and civil architecture, and city planning, which have survived to a great extent.

The multiculturalism that has lasted throughout history in Ani has also been effective in shaping the religious and civil architecture here.

Ani, which contains buildings belonging to different religions such as the Ateşgede Temple, various churches and the mosque belonging to the Seljuk Period, has a multicultural structure. As a commercial city, it has a special place in the history of architecture and urbanism in the Medieval Period.

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