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Ararat Mountain, Igdir

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Turkey’s highest peak is Mount Ararat (5137 meters) in height, which is an extinct volcano. This mountain, which rises on the Eastern Anatolia Volcano sequence, is located at the border crossroads of Turkish, Iran and Armenia. Iğdır Plain in the north (840 meters) Doğubeyazıt plain (1640 meters) in the south and Küçük Ağrı mountain (3896 meters), which is an inactive volcano in the South East, rises. Serdar Bulağı Plateau is located between Büyük Ağrı and Küçük Ağrı volcano mountains. Connecting two extinct volcano mountains, this lava plateau is at an altitude of 2600 meters.

in terms of the formation of glaciers and glacial morphology in Great Mount Ararat in Turkey it is the most important and attracts a lot of attention. Mount Ararat is covered with a thick glacier.

There is a lake at an altitude of about 3600 meters on the northwest slope of the mountain.

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