aras nehri igdir

Aras River, Iğdır

Igdir - Where to see

Aras River; It arises from the northern slopes of the Bingöl Mountains within the boundaries of Erzurum. Collecting all the waters of Tekman Plateau, the river flows in the north direction in the basin to the east of Sakaltutan Mountains.

Aras River descends into Pasinler Plain after passing through the deep and steep Mescitli Strait between Sakaltutan Mountains and Topçu Mountain. Here, it collects the waters of the Upper Pasin Basin and takes the coming Hasankale (Pasinler) Stream and flows in the northeast direction and goes outside the provincial borders.

It flows through the depression areas south of the Erzurum-Kars plateau and reaches the Armenian border. Turkey-Azerbaijan, Turkey-Armenia and Azerbaijan Kura River empties into form after a portion of the Azerbaijani-Iranian border. The river with a length of 1072 km and a basin area of 102 thousand km² is one of the largest rivers in the Caucasus. River is within 548 km of the border with Turkey.

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