balikligol sanliurfa

Balıklıgöl, Şanlıurfa

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Balıklıgöl (Fish Lake) is the attraction area of Şanlıurfa tourism. It is located in front of Urfa Castle, just south of the Halil-ur Rahman Lake. According to rumors, after Abraham was thrown into the fire, Nemrut’s daughter Zeliha could not bear to be thrown into the fire because she loved and believed in Abraham very much, and she threw herself into the fire. The place turns into a lake where the Zeliha falls.

There are carp fish which are the subject of legends. These fish are respected and invincible by the public. According to the legend, after Abraham was thrown into the fire, a miracle took place and the surrounding area became rosy. It is believed that the place where this miracle took place is Balıklıgöl and its surroundings.

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Merkez, Balıklı Göl Cd., 63210 Eyyübiye/Şanlıurfa
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+90 414 318 51 00 (Belediye)
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