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Bolu Akın Lokantası Ankara

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The founder of the restaurant, the late Hacı Hüseyin Durak, in order to protect the special flavors of his cuisine and to make his customers experience the indispensable taste, started to serve with his establishment called “Bolu Akın Restaurant” in Etlik-Eski Garajlar, which is still active in 1958. Hacı Hüseyin Durak, the founder of the taste stop, added this phrase while giving the restaurant its name, wishing a flock of customers to come. Bolu Akın Restaurant, which deserves special attention of its customers with the importance it attaches to its business, distinguished staff and quality service, offers the same style and composition of dishes in its first kitchen. It aims to offer different options to the people of the metropolis who lose their taste in the natural diet day by day. Continuing the legacy they inherited from their fathers, Uğur Durak, Yüksel Durak, İsmail Durak and third generation Hüseyin Durak opened the second branch of the business in Yenimahalle Gimat in 2013.

Adres / Address:
Etlik Eski Garajları No:85
Telefon / Phone:
+90 312 341 34 32
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