cercis murat konagi mardin

Cercis Murat Konağı Mardin

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Cercis Murat Mansion is a fascinating structure with the best examples of Traditional Mardin cuisine, again with its mystical atmosphere that harmonizes with these dishes, and its stone engravings with impressive 19th century motifs.

The mansion, built by the architect Lole, which is almost integrated with the civil architectural works in Mardin, was built in 1888 for the Tüfekçioğlu family. After this family left Mardin in 1947, the ownership of the mansion was transferred to the families of Hacı Tahir Şaar and Hacı Ahmet Bileççi. Between 1956 and 1977, Cercis Murat (Dilmener), which is known by the name of the mansion today, left its mark here. Later, the mansion bought by Hacı Hıdır Yılmaz served as the Service Building of the Mardin Provincial Tourism Directorate between 1992-1998. The mansion, which is a museum as it is a historical and touristic place, is important for Mardin as a place visited by many people today. Cercis Murat Mansion, which was organized in 2001 by the tourism artist Ebru Baybara Demir, while preserving a new understanding and authentic values, attracts great attention by the local and foreign guests who visit the region with the people of Mardin.

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