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Çeşme İzmir

Beaches in Turkey İzmir - Where to see

Cesme is a charming holiday resort where healing hot waters, exceptional sand quality, and the sun embrace. Cesme is located at the far end of the peninsula, 94 km west of Izmir. It is called the small harbor by the sailors. Due to the abundance of the spring waters and the fountains where the icy waters flow, the area was called Çeşme.

Built in rectangular form in 1508 by II Beyazit, the Çeşme Castle is a magnificent view with 6 towers and three trenches.

The castle was built at the seaside when it was first built.

Alaçatı is another tourism center connected to Çeşme. After seeing Alaçatı, you will not want to be elsewhere to surf. Alacati is one of the most interesting and diverse regions of Europe among the surfing regions. The surf center is in a V-shaped bay with clear water. It is one of the most important surfing centers in Europe with various wind conditions and ideal surfing area. In this region where the sea water is quite shallow, the wind blows from the north.

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