deyrulzafaran manastiri mardin

Deyrulzafaran Monastery, Mardin

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Deyrulzafaran Monastery is located 4 kilometers east of Mardin, overlooking the Mardin Plain. The monastery, consisting of three floors, has reached its present form in the 18th century with the additions made at different times starting from the 5th century. The monastery was built on a complex that was used as the Temple of the Sun in BC, and as a fortress during the Romans. When the Romans withdrew from the region, Aziz Sheymun brought the bones of some saints here and turned the castle into a monastery.

We recommend that you visit the monastery with a guide and drink coffees with cardamom. The place is really big and majestic. You must visit this beautiful place.

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Kızkalesi arkası 4 kilometre Mardin
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+90 482 208 10 61- 62
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