duveroglu anittepe ankara

Düveroğlu Anıttepe Ankara

Ankara - Where to eat

It was born in the quiet Ankara of the time, exactly 48 years ago (1963), in a region where the total population density of Anıttepe is 3000 people, offering a tiny but labor-intensive taste and sharing this taste with neighborhood friends at the lowest price; “DÜVEROĞLU”. This flavor point, which is conveyed by word of mouth in the conditions of the day, has grown over the years by sharing the wide and magnificent cuisine of our city of Gaziantep with its citizens from Ankara, not giving up neither taste nor affordable price policy. Our organizations, which continue to grow as a family business, including in the third generation, continue as textile, retail, wholesale food and restaurant chains and continue to have a strong, honest and respectful business approach.

Adres / Address:
Gençlik Cad. No:28 / B Anıttepe, Ankara
Telefon / Phone:
+90 312 229 79 38
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