ergul un mutfagi agri

Ergül’ün Mutfağı Ağrı Doğubayazıt

Agri - Where to eat

“Ergül’s Cuisine”, which was created by Ergül Sümeli and spread all over Ağrı, cheers the palate with popular dishes from both local and Turkish cuisine. The restaurant manages to be the center of attention with its daily changing dishes such as Mumbar, Lamb Shank and Abdigor Meatballs.

Ergül Sürmeli, who hosts the television programmers who come to the region and conveys information about the local cuisine, is also very popular with her sympathy and the taste of her hand.

Adres / Address:
İsmail Beşikci Caddesi, No:42 Doğubeyazıt Ağrı Türkiye
Telefon / Phone:
+90 472 312 54 40
Web Sitesi / Web Site: