Euromos Ancient City

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The ancient city of Euromos is located within the borders of Milas, Selimiye District.

Euromos is about 12 km from Milas. The city was named “Eurome” by Roman author Plinius. In the earlier period, the city was called Kyromos, Hyromos, and in the Hellenistic Period it was called Europos.

After the conquest of Alexander the Great, Euromos changed hands between the kingdoms of Macedonia, Egypt and Syria. The city was under the control of King Philip I of Macedonia between the years 201-196 BC and the name of the city was Philippoi. With the Apameia Agreement of 188 BC, Euromos was transferred to the Rhodians as the rest of Caria. The Euromos, an independent and independent city in the Roman Imperial Age, continued its existence during the Byzantine period in the Mylasa diocese.

The first excavation and restoration work was carried out by Ümit Serdaroğlu between 1969-75. After nearly 40 years of interruption, a team led by Assist. Assoc. Dr.”Abuzer Kızıl (Muğla Sıtkı Koçman University) was re-started in 2011 and the work is still ongoing.

The data obtained from the excavations show that the city has been a continuous settlement until the Byzantine period.

The main ruins can be seen in the city; Temple of Zeus Lepsynos, necropolises of north and south, agora, theater, baths, walls and chapels.

The Zeus Lepsynos Temple is one of the best preserved temples in Anatolia.