gazibaba meyhanesi edirne

Gazi Baba Meyhanesi Edirne

Edirne - Where to eat

Gazi Baba Meyhanesi cheers your table with a selection of cold and hot appetizers prepared with the highest quality ingredients and distinguished Turkish Classical Music pieces. Gazi Baba Meyhanesi, with its affordable prices and service that does not compromise on quality, is the meeting point of those who know how to have fun at any time of the day and who love tavern culture.

Gazi Baba has been at your service with a place where you can go to your special days, business meals and invitations, and enjoy your meal and chat with your family and friends easily since 1967.

Adres / Address:
Zindanaltı Caddesi No:125, EDiRNE
Telefon / Phone:
+90 284 214 50 50
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