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Göbeklitepe, Şanlıurfa

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Göbeklitepe was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 2018 with its amazing monumental architecture that only serves worship. Turkey also “2019 Göbeklitepe Year” was declared. Yet a small portion uncovered Göbeklitepe, changed the history of humanity, with its approximately 12 thousand years of history. The world’s oldest and largest worship (cult) center listed effect in sedentary life transitions religious beliefs with Göbeklitepe It has been proven.

The Göbekli Tepe archaeological site has been widely featured in the world media in recent years due to its impressive monumental architecture of round-oval and rectangular structures with large and monolithic limestone T-shaped obelisks. These buildings date back to the Early Neolithic and are believed to have been used for ceremonial purposes. These structures, which are shown as the oldest megalithic structures that have been made by human beings, have been built to meet especially the ceremonial needs of the people who built it in prehistoric times.

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