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Gölcük Lake Bolu

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It is an artificial lake built 13 kilometers south of Bolu city center. The surface of the lake, whose height is 1217 meters, is 4.5 hectares and its circumference is about 1300 meters. The view of the lake, which is covered with pine, fir, beech, hornbeam and mixed tree species, is magnificent in every season. On the edge of the lake, which is covered with the extraordinary beauty of nature, there is a cute building, which is the “State Guesthouse” of the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry. Apart from this facility, there is a restaurant called a country casino, a country restaurant, a cafeteria, a buffet, a small mosque and a bungalow around the lake. The lake and its surroundings are taken under protection by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry as “Nature Park”. This lake, which is very cute and small, is not entered by car.

Gölcük Nature Park, which has been flooded with visitors in order to visit, see, relax, take photos, to do sport angling, bicycle tour and picnic at certain times of the year, is one of the most important touristic centers of Bolu.

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Gölcük Gölü Seben Yolu 13’üncü kilometre Bolu
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