grand eras hotel erciyes ka

Grand Eras Erciyes Hotel Kayseri

Kayseri - Where to stay Winter Tourism & Ski Centers

Grand Eras Erciyes presents the hospitality of Silk Road in the skirts of Erciyes, the highest mountain of Central Anatolia; suitable for winter sports center, activity in the atmosphere of the peak and conference rooms, 130 bed capacity, private service shows the speciality.

Grand Eras Erciyes, which was established as the second of the Grand Eras hotel chain to respond to the needs of hotel providing quality and comfortable service together with developing tourism, With its conference rooms that are suitable for the criteria that can produce solutions for different business concepts with technical equipments, it takes place in the heart of the city as well as deserved place in the city’s summit.

Grand Eras Erciyes with Erciyes Mountain view and ski resort, the indispensable address of peace …

Adres / Address:
Erciyes Dağı / KAYSERİ
Telefon / Phone:
+90 352 203 02 27
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