Gümbet, Muğla

Bodrum - Where to see

Gumbet is a popular holiday resort located in a beautiful bay 3 km from Bodrum and preferred by foreign tourists in recent years. The sea of ​​Gumbet is shallow and the beach is long. It is an ideal holiday destination especially for families with children.

The name of Gumbet comes from numerous cisterns with white tops. The minibuses running from Bodrum to Gümbet work 24 hours a day in summer.

Gumbet, which has been developed in recent years and is a unique holiday resort with its many hotels, pensions, restaurants, bars and discos, is also one of the important water sports centers of Bodrum Peninsula. Gumbet is located in the bay between Inceburun and Adaburun.

Gumbet has also become an alternative to nightlife in Bodrum, especially in recent years with its vibrant nightlife. In the evenings, bars, disco, nightclubs and restaurants provide all kinds of entertainment.