haci sukru kebap konya

Hacı Şükrü Kebap Salonu Konya

Konya - Where to eat

Hacı Şükrü is one of the restaurants that has been serving in Konya for 4 generations and has become a brand with its taste and service.

Hacı Şükrü started service in 1907 in Konya, in a small wooden building in the covered bazaar, which he owns, with an oven kebab and pastry. Bakery Kebab is made from lambs in Konya and Karaman regions. While preparing the oven kebab, only forearm (akçeyrek) and rib meat are used. It is cooked in a stone oven with oak wood in large copper basins with its own oil and water. The cooking time takes 5-7 hours.

The most delicious part of the kebab is the medium fat rib part. Cutlery is not used while eating kebab. It is eaten by hand as it is thought to miss its taste.

The Center and Meram branches are almost an ethnography museum. Collection pieces are presented to the public on the walls. Eating in this establishment is very authentic and enjoyable.

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Ferhuniye Mahallesi Müneccimbaşı SkNo:20 Selçuklu / KONYA
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+90 332 352 76 23
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