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Halfeti – Rumkale, Şanlıurfa

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Halfeti is 112 km from Sanliurfa center.

When the district was conquered by the Assyrian King Salmanassar III in 855 BC, it was called Ş Shitamrat.. The Greeks changed it and called it “Urima”. The Assyrians used the names “Kal’a Rhomeyta” and “Hesna d’Romaye” for the district. The name was changed to Kal Kal’at-ül Rum Arap after it was captured by Arabs.

When it was captured by Byzantines in XI Century, it was named as Roma Romaion Bay “. The district was conquered by the Mamluk Sultan Eşref in 1290 and was called Kal’at-ül Muslim. During the reign of Sultan Selim I during the reign of the Ottomans “Urumgala” and “Rumkale” took the name. These names are still used today.

A large part of the district was flooded by the lake waters of Birecik Dam. Karaotlak, 7 km from the town center, was chosen as the new settlement.

All historical sites of the region can be seen by boat tour on the dam lake.

rumkale halfeti sanliurfa
rumkale halfeti sanliurfa

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Halfeti Şanlıurfa
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+90 414 318 51 00 (Municipality)
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