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Hilas Thermal Resort & SPA – Samsun

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Hilas Thermal Resort & SPA Hotel is located in Ladik district, which is shown among the most important tourist locations of Samsun. Hilas Thermal Resort offers you the historical Ladik Hamamağı spa tradition with modern thermal hotel privileges.

The waters coming from natural sources within the Ladik Hamamağı Spa are thermal water at 36 ° C. The waters taken for the measurement from the spa are evaluated in the “acratothermal waters” group with the meta silicate acid level determined as 25 mg / L and the total mineralization degree of 595 mg / L. In bacteriology tests; None of the harmful bacteria such as Fecal Coliform, Fecal streptok, E. Coli and Pseudomonas have been seen in the spa water. In addition, no value above the threshold level was found in terms of trace element level. Ladik Hamamağı Thermal waters, which have been serving for centuries, have quite safe, sanitary and quality natural waters.

Adres / Address:
Hamamayağı Mah. No:12 Ladik/SAMSUN
Telefon / Phone:
+90 362 606 04 57
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