igdir kervansarayi

Iğdır Kervansarayı

Igdir - Where to see

Kervansaray is located on the road near Harmandöven Village, fifteen kilometers from Iğdır province. Iğdır Caravanserai, located outside the present Harmandöven Village on the caravan route of Batumi, Ani and Doğu Beyazıt, is one of the last monumental works built by the Anatolian Seljuk state in the late 13th century. These large collegiate structures, which look like a castle, were built on important road routes, especially with the instructions of the sultans and viziers, within the framework of the open courtyard and closed hall system plan, which was built a lot in Anatolia during the Seljuk period. Iğdır Caravanserai, on the other hand, is separated from the others by having a courtyard as a plan built on a secondary road. The caravanserai, which was built at the end of the 13th century, is similar to the plan of the Ibrahim Shah Khan, which is estimated to have stayed at the end of the same century, near Elazig Çemişgezek.

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Kervansaray, 76000 Harmandöven Köyü/Iğdır Merkez/Iğdır Merkez/Iğdır
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+90 476 227 6553-54
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