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The palace built by İshak Pasha, son of Hasan Pasha, who became vizier in 1789, on a hill in East Bayazıt, is compatible with the Ottoman palace organization with its 360 rooms and halls. It is said that the construction of the palace, which covers an area of ​​760 m2, took 99 years. In the architecture of the “U” shaped buildings gathered around two intertwined courtyards (mosque-harem apartments-soup kitchen-hamam, selamlık-ceremonial and entertainment hall-tomb, etc.), excellent stone workmanship, carvings and wall decorations are common to Persian, Seljuk and Ottoman civilizations. The effect is seen.

İshak Pasha Mosque is located in the second courtyard of the palace, between the harem and the selamlik rooms. Body walls are twice as high as the palace. The mosque dominates the whole palace with its dome and minaret. Its large portals with pointed arches and stalactites remind more of the Seljuk architecture than the Ottomans. The large plastic naturalist plant decorations on the stone show the influences coming from the Caucasus, which are foreign to Turkish art.

Its square planned minaret, which is completely made in Turkish style, looks like a monument in itself. The octagonal mausoleum, built on the side of the outer walls of the mosque on the qibla side, has two floors in accordance with the Seljuk architecture tradition.

The windows and some surfaces of mosques and shrines made of cut stone (including the dome) are decorated with Rococo style embroidery depicting trees and flowers.

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