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Karinna Hotel Convention & Spa Uludağ – Bursa

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Karinna Hotel Convention & Spa, located in Turkey’s most popular ski resort Uludağ’s summit, gives the ski and snowboard devotees a winter holiday dream with its select architecture and outstanding service manner.

Karinna Hotel Convention & Spa is located in Uludağ’s Second Hotels Area, and while it is the perfect host for meetings and conferences, it gives its customers the body and soul serenity with its SPA services.

Karinna Hotel Convention & Spa is designed especially for people seeking relaxing comfort and real peace; and it offers more than just a mountain hotel with personal treatments for each guests’ comfort and satisfaction.

Adres / Address:
İkinci Gelişim Bölgesi Uludağ – Bursa
Telefon / Phone:
+90 224 285 23 60
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