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Kartalkaya Ski Center Bolu

Bolu - Where to see

Bolu is famous for its green nature, forests, natural beauty, lakes, mountains and plateaus.

It has a very important place in winter tourism throughout the country. Kartalkaya Ski Center, which is the most important winter tourism center of our country, is located 38 kilometers southeast of Bolu city center.

Kartalkaya Ski Center is located in “Bolu – Köroğlu Mountain Culture and Tourism Conservation and Development Region”. 5 facilities in the region operate with a total of 1600 beds between December and April, which is the winter season. Within Kartalkaya hotels, there are a total of 18 mechanical facilities within 2 main ski areas and a total of 25 tracks with various slope and difficulty levels. The total length of the tracks reaches 40 kilometers. There are 5 private accommodation facilities in Kartalkaya. Hotels have all kinds of activities and comfort. The total capacity of the mechanical facilities is 8000 people / hour. Experienced ski and snowboard teachers and staff work at the facilities. First aid and health services are provided in each hotel. All kinds of ski equipment can be rented from the facilities. There are main ramp-kicker lines, bordercross, rail lines and rail-boxes in various difficulty levels in the area.

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