Kastamonu City



Kastamonu, one of Turkey's paradise cities, is a place of peace where those who want to escape from the noise of big cities can take shelter. It is a holiday resort that offers many alternatives with its panoramic mountains, lush plains, emerald beaches and rich cultural assets. Another richness of Kastamonu as well as this rich historical and cultural heritage is its wonderful nature. Küre Mountains and Ilgaz Mountain National Park are an excellent centers for mountaineering sports. The rich forest cover, with its various wild animals, has features that those who see it cannot forget. 40 km from Kastamonu. The Ilgaz Mountain ski resort in the south of the city attracts great attention during the winter months.

Kastamonu Where to See

Catak Canyon – Kastamonu

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Horma Canyon and Ilıca Waterfall – Kastamonu

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