kaya ninova otel mardin

Kaya Ninova Hotel Mardin

Mardin - Where to stay

Kaya Ninova Hotel rests its back on Mardin Castle and is located at a point that dominates the vast beauty of the Mesopotamian Plain. Ulu Mosque on the right side, Mar Hirmıs Church on the left side, has an atmosphere on the terrace where the stars are as close as a hand extension, and the interior combines the history with comfort. Kaya Ninova Hotel, which is built on the magnificence of the first street on one side, on the other side, ancient filigree silver and shopping places, walking distance to historical places, carrying the past to the future, is at the service of its customers with its 46 rooms, 86-bed capacity, 75-person indoor and 600-person restaurant.

Adres / Address:
Şar Mahallesi, 239 Bademci sokak NO:1 47100 Merkez/, Artuklu/Mardin
Telefon / Phone:
+90 482 212 50 16
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