kemal kus merkez igdir

Kemal Kuş Merkez Restaurant 1965 Iğdır

Iğdır - Where to eat

Kemal Kus Merkez Lokantası 1965 is located in the central district of Iğdır. It is one of the most popular places in Iğdır. It has served the people of Iğdır for many years. You can feel peaceful and comfortable as if you are at home, thanks to the sincere and caring employees in the place that gives importance to customer satisfaction.

The restaurant’s menus are varied and have reasonable prices. Your order is prepared in a hygienic environment and served quickly to your table. You can meet your friends after work and enjoy your dinner. You can make your weekends special with your loved ones and have a happy day. There are no additives in the materials used in the meals. It is completely organic. There are many cafes and restaurants in the center of Iğdır, where you will come as part of a cultural and business trip. In addition, there are facilities suitable for your budget here. While you are here, you can buy local organic foods as a gift for yourself and your loved ones. Do not leave Iğdır without drinking Yemeni coffee.

Adres / Address:
İstanbul Pasaji NO. 1, Iğdır, Türkiye
Telefon / Phone:
+90 476 227 31 44
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