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Keramos Ancient City

Oren - Where to see

Ören is a village located 45 km from Bodrum-Milas junction and located on the shore of Gokova Bay. Old name was Gereme. The city center is a bit far form the shore.

The meaning of Keramos’ name is crucial. In the Hellenistic era, the city, under Rhodes domination, signed a partnership with the northern neighbor Stratonikea. Keramos was Rome’s small Asian state in 129 BC and lost its importance in the next phase. The walls of the fortress above the Meşekayası Mountain, behind the ruins of the ruins, were able to arrive up to the present day.

The lower sections of the walls consist of polygonal stone arrays. In the upper sections of the walls there is a wall technique that makes regular line folds. There are two important temples of the city, with a length of 25 meters and on a rocky terrace, known locally as Bakıcak. The name of the plumbic structure was taken from the plumbic tanks used to join the stones. The east of these beautiful terrace walls, which retained its original form in the south and west, has been destroyed. On the plane above the terrace, there are building fragments in Corinthian and Ionic order. It is thought that the temple area is probably related to Zeus Krysaoreus.