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Kirkpinar Wrestling, Edirne

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In 1357 during the expeditions organized by Orhan Gazi to conquer Rumelia after spending Adrianople temporary dealt with his son Suleyman Pasha soldiers near Edirne exploration interests in the raids. The vanguard returns and takes a break in Samona, which remains today in Greece. 40 valiant wrestling here. The brothers whose names are Ali and Selim cannot be defeated in hours of wrestling. Later, near Ahıköy, the same couple wrestled again, but again they could not defeat and died in the place where they were gasped. Murat Bey, who conquered Edirne in 1361, organized a wrestling in the summer of the same year in memory of forty valiant raiders. This organized wrestling went down in history with the name of “Kırkpınar Wrestling”. After that, it has become a tradition to hold Kırkpınar Wrestling every year on the day of Hıdırellez.

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