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Lacivert marries the rich and exquisite flavours of the Mediterranean cuisine which include centuries of culture and taste, at Istanbul’s most romantic and picturesque coastal view, on the one and only Bosphorus.
Located within a historic seaside-mansion, Lacivert has become a true Bosphorus-classic, serving guests since 1999. The idyllic Lacivert terrace becomes an ideal spot during the summer season, hosting the perfect balance between the summer Sun and the warm sea-breeze. During the winter season, Lacivert remains as charming by entertaining guests in saloons over-looking a sentimental sea-front view of the Bosphorus.


Since the establishment of Lacivert, our renowned kitchen owes it’s excellence to the direction and team of Executive Chef Huseyin Ceylan. Chef Ceylan’s culinary approach salutes the classical understanding of innovation through honoring the Mediterranean culture as the foundation of Turkish cuisine. Nevertheless, Chef Ceylan’s mastery of the Mediterranean taste stands unparalleled.


Lacivert invites you to an exceptionally delicious brunch at the exquisitely charming spot right by the coast-line of the Istanbul Bosphorus! Lacivert’s proud to serve guests Brunch using only Organic produce, from fresh farm-eggs to Turkish spicy-sausages, from garden-tomatoes and organic honey, to home-made cheese…

Traditional recipes, forgotten tastes, fresh flavours … Lacivert Brunch offers a delightful journey of taste from the authentic past into the adventurous modern. Spoil your palette and stimulate your taste! Inspired by the authentic Anatolian breakfast, our distinct recipes and selective presentation extends the traditional understanding of brunch.

Lacivert Brunch embodies tastes ranging from traditional to remote regions of Turkey, inviting you to experience delicate tastes. Regardless, what makes Lacivert Brunch uniquely special is our exceptional use of organic foods; as all produce are sealed with a certificate of Organic excellence. At Lacivert Brunch we serve both healthily and wholesomely.

Lacivert Brunch offers a refreshing palette to inspire the senses that go centuries back. From traditional şherbet to home-made lemonade, from seasonal fruits to regionally-specific figs, from fresh garden-grown herbs to rosehip…

Lacivert Brunch awaits you.

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Anadolu Hisarı Mh., Körfez Cd.
57/A, 34410 Beykoz/İstanbul, Türkiye
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+90 216 413 37 53
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