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Leb-i Derya Restaurant Istanbul

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We’re in Istanbul, we’re surrounded by the sea; we’re at Leb-i Derya. There’s blue all around us. The hallmark of this ancient city, the sea is here; with stones built one thousand seven hundred years ago, the city’s heart is this historic peninsula; there are the modern skyscrapers glowing with light; we have abandoned buildings right beside us. Istanbul is good, bad, pretty and ugly; it’s before our very eyes with all of its faces; because Leb-i Derya is an Istanbul restaurant. In this city that constantly renews itself, we’ve managed to stay alive and keep up, embracing all that Istanbul has to offer, loving it from the bottom of our hearts. When Istiklal Street was going through a radical change, when Karaköy right below was transforming into something else and when Tophane was being rediscovered… Leb-i Derya has always been here. Quietly perched on the hill, it watched the city’s movements and adapted to this transformation without losing its identity.

Leb-i Derya’s kitchen inherits Anatolian and Rumelian palates, gently adapts them to our day, prepares everything with the same meticulousness each day as if it were the first, and serves it every night with the same excitement. What makes a restaurant respected, as we all know, is that it shows respect to what comes out of its kitchen: Leb-i Derya’s team is also aware of this, so they prepare the fresh mezes and delicious dishes with an almost reverential respect. The grace with which the dishes are prepared spreads from the kitchen to service and to customers. Of course they also don’t forget the starters, fresh fish and meat dishes.

Adres / Address:
Şahkulu Mah, Kumbaracı Yokuşu No:57
Tünel/Beyoğlu İstanbul
Telefon / Phone:
+90 541 366 8480
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