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Loca Hotel Selimiye

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The tourism adventure of the Balcı family from Tekirdağ, who founded the Loca Hotel in 2013, began with the idea of ​​escaping from crowded cities and settling into a quiet Aegean town as everyone’s dream.

Tunçer and Nilgün Balcı; They came to Selimiye years ago for summer vacation. Both were retired and their dreams of retirement were a quiet life and make new friends. Now, they are just like brother and sister of guests at the Loca Hotel.

Kayhan Kansu Balcı; actually a mechanical engineer. After a year of work, he retired himself. At the Loca Hotel you can see him everywhere; at the reception, at the pool, in the parking lot, everywhere in the restaurant …

Seçil Balcı; creator of delicious tastes of unforgettable tea times… from breakfast, to restaurant the star of all food organizations …

There are also hidden heroes;

Tarık Kaya; Nickname is Tarkan Abi. He is the favorite person with his honesty and pleasant conversation of all the guests…

Fatma Şahin is working in Loca Selimiye since 2013. She is in charge from immaculate bedspreads and towels and the fragrant corridors. Cleaning = Fatma Abla …

And the hotel;

The hotel is a boutique family business with ten rooms. The place is also their house. During the season, hundreds of beautiful people are being hosted in their homes.

They do everything, but with love, in Loca … They build new relationships and unforgotable friendships.

They are waiting for the day when they will host you.

Adres / Address:
Selimiye Mahallesi, Yukarı Gemecit Mevkii,
Marmaris Mugla
Telefon / Phone:
+90 252 446 41 97
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