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Midyat Guesthouse – Mardin

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Midyat Guesthouse is a three-storey house. It was purchased by the Midyat District Governorate. The bottom floor consists of a room obtained by carving the bedrock and a section attached to its pre-adjacent. On the second floor there are three rooms with a large terrace. These rooms are arranged in an L shape. On the third floor, there is a large terrace and two rooms. You can go up to the third floor through a narrow tunnel-like staircase up the corridor between these two rooms. When you go up to this floor, there is a large terrace. But the terrace here is not in front of the rooms, but in the west. There is a small bay window in the corridor where the entrance door of this single room is located. From this floor, you can go up to the roof of the room. Due to the height of the hill on which the building was built and the three-story building, the Midyat can be seen when the checkers are exited. There is also a water well in the building located in the house of the guesthouse and used for kitchen purposes. The guesthouse is also known for its use as a venue in the series.

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