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Millocal Restaurant Nevşehir

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Imagine a neighbourhood where the residents have got together and built themselves a stone bakery. Imagine also that these people have baked bread and other foods at that bakery…and in time, they left that neighbourhood, that town and that bakery and moved elsewhere. Decades went by and that bakery as well as houses in that neighbourhood became ruins. Then, they decided to build a hotel out of these ruins and restore the bakery. Then, food that was baked in this stone oven began to be served to the guests of the hotel’s restaurant. That hotel is the Millstone Caves Suites and the Restaurant is the Millocal Restaurant.

Food that is cooked for hours in the oven of that bakery is brought to the tables of the guests. That is why the restaurant is called Millocal restaurant, reminiscent of the smoking, flaming taste of the food that has just come out of that oven.

Adres / Address:
Tekelli Mah. Divanlı Sok. No:20 , Uçhisar / Nevşehir
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+90 384 219 2288
+90 530 143 0325
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