derinkuyu yeralti sehri

Nevşehir Derinkuyu Underground City

Nevşehir - Where to see

It is located on the Nevşehir-Niğde highway and 30 km away from Nevşehir in the Derinkuyu district. As in Kaymaklı underground city, there are also places to accommodate and meet the needs of a large community. Derinkuyu Underground City was built in eight floors due to the geological formation of the Cappadocia region. Unlike Kaymaklı Underground City, Derinkuyu also has a school of missionaries, a place of confession, a baptismal pool and an interesting well.

The first natives of Derinkuyu go back to Assyrian colonies. The first Christians who escaped the oppression of the Roman Empire in the II century came to Cappadocia through Antakya and Kayseri and settled here. The first Christians who established the underground cities in the region were able to hide in the cities where the entrances could not be easily noticed and were able to escape the persecution of the Roman soldiers. Since they may have to live in underground cities for a long time, they have expanded their fields by supplying warehouses, ventilation chimneys, wineries, churches, monasteries, water wells, toilets and meeting rooms. In these cities consisting of interconnected rooms, some rooms are tied together by narrow tunnels, which can only be achieved by a person. There are large stone rollers used to close the tunnel for security reasons at the entrance of the tunnels.

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Derinkuyu Bayramlı / Nevşehir
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+90 384 213 4260
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