ihtiyar balikci cokertme milas mugla

Old Fisherman – İhtiyar Balıkçı – Çökertme

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Another paradise bay at a distance of 20 km from Ören Located at Çökertme, Ithiyar Balıkçı (Old Fisherman) offers you unique experiences day and night with its rich seafood menu, beach bar and unique beach. They will make you feel at home with the hospitality of 4 cousins who run a family business.

Do not be surprised if you meet a celebrity at your side table. The reputation of the place has already exceeded Muğla. If you want to spend the whole day with the sea, beautiful food and a magnificent view, you must definitely go to the Old Fisherman.

Adres / Address:
Çökertme Sahili (12,63 km)
48200 Çökertme, Muğla, Turkey
Telefon / Phone:
+90 537 515 89 59
Web Sitesi / Web Site: