Ören Beach

Beaches in Turkey Oren - Where to see

Ören is a place in the middle of the northern coast of Gokova Bay and connected to the Milas district of Muğla. The old name Gereme, used until recently and the name in ancient times was Keramos. Ören is built on the plain formed by alluviums brought by Kocaçay, surrounded by the mountains. Local people up to 1990 provided subsistence from agriculture, animal husbandry and weaving. After 1990, the contribution of tourism to the economy increased.

It is 42 km from the Milas district, 70 km from Bodrum by the mountain road, 75 km from Muğla by the mountain road, and 48 km from Akyaka by thr mountain road. There is also a marina for yachts in Ören.

Oren Beach located in the Yalı region and has a municipal coast, which is 1 km long. Around Ören there is a 6 km coastline that can be swim.

Ören has clear and deep sea and the longest shore of Gökova.