osmanli konagi mardin

Osmanlı Konağı – Mardin

Mardin - Where to stay

The Ottoman Mansion was built in 1878 by the Şahtene (Şatana) family. The same family lived in this mansion until the construction of the hotel. Today, it serves the tourism of the region with the name of Mardin Osmanlı Konağı, with a business and registered building certificate from the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. The eastern part of the mansion served as a primary school for a period. During the restoration, additional units have been planned considering the original state. It is the center of all social activities of the hotel. There are 17 stone rooms unique to Mardin, Mesopotamia on one side, the unique Mardin Castle on the other and the Ottoman Terrace with a magnificent view of Mardin.

Adres / Address:
1. Cadde No:157 – Artuklu / MARDİN
Telefon / Phone:
+90 482 212 76 77
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