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Palandöken Ski Center, Erzurum

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Palandöken is a ski center with a starting height of 2200 meters and the peak point of Ejdertepe is 3176 meters. The ski season starts on average in late October and lasts until the first weeks of May. Due to the dry air structure of the region and the air temperature around -40 at night, snow quality does not deteriorate and powder snow gliding is experienced.

There are 22 ski runs in Palandöken Ski Center; Dragon and Gate rock tracks, Slalom and Great Slalom competitions have been declared as a registered Olympic track.

The total length of the slopes is 28 km. The longest runway is 12 km and this distance can be slid without stopping.

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Palandöken / Erzurum
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+90 442 444 16 25
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