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Panorama 1453 Museum of History İstanbul

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Panorama 1453 Museum of History is composed of two main sections. The first section starts from the entrance and is situated on the way to the panoramic picture. Panorama 1453 permanent exhibition, which is prepared to be permanent on this way, is located there.

Modern miniature works that narrate the establishment of the city of Istanbul, the siege and conquest of the city, the life of Fatih Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror, the laws, arts, civilisation, culture and construction works of the city, take place at the exhibition as supported with the original miniatures, engraving and pictures of the wars in a present perspective. And entrance of the platform where the panoramic picture exists begins at the end of the exhibition. At the end of a short and dark corridor, the visitors will find themselves at the dawn of May 29, 1453, and bear witness to the moment of stepping in the city.

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