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Şahinkaya Canyon – Samsun

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Şahinkaya Canyon is the narrowest and longest passage on Kızılırmak. It is a 2.5 km long canyon that is formed as a result of mountain formation (Orogeny) and river erosion.

Şahinkaya Canyon, located in the Altınkaya Dam Lake in the Vezirköprü District, is the center of attention of local and foreign tourists coming to the city. The depth of the water is 106 meters and the canyon height is 340 meters in the canyon with a length of 3 thousand 250 meters. Çeltek village and Şahinkaya canyon were declared as a Tourism region by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism.

Kanyon (Yarmavadi), which is 17 km northwest of Vezirköprü, draws attention with its feature of being the narrowest place of Altınkaya dam and is approximately 1500 meters long. In Vezirköprü, there are traces and accumulations of a history of civilization dating back not only to the Ottoman and Seljuk but also to the Hittites. The place where the Hittite kings are blessed ascending the throne is also in Vezirköprü. German archaeologists are currently excavating in this area.

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