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Selimiye Arasta Bazaar Edirne

Edirne - Where to see

It was built in the time of Sultan Murat III in order to generate income for the Selimiye Mosque. It is 225 meters tall, has 73 arches and 4 doors. It has undergone intermittent long-term restorations. There are 124 shops. Recently, Edirne has started to gain importance in commercial life again. The shops selling tourist goods are in the majority. It is a shopping spot preferred by local and foreign tourists who come to visit Selimiye Mosque.

Arasta: It is defined as “the section where the tradesmen doing the same work in the bazaars”. Selimiye Arastası In order to bring income to Selimiye Mosque; After the construction of this mosque, it was built by Mimar Sinan’s foreman Davut Ağa during the reign of Sultan Murat III. As one of the reasons why Arasta was built; The need to support the Selimiye Mosque from the west and south directions is shown.

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Meydan, 22020 Edirne Merkez/Edirne
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+90 284 213 91 84
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