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Selimiye Mosque, Edirne

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Selimiye Mosque, the work that Mimar Sinan created at the age of 80 and described as “my masterpiece”, is shown among the masterpieces of the world architectural history as well as the Ottoman-Turkish architectural history.

The mosque, which is the symbol of Edirne and also the Ottoman Period; It was built between 1569-1575 by the order of II Selim. The building, which is seen from far away with its four minarets, shows that Mimar Sinan is also a master urbanism expert with the choice of the place where it was built.

The mosque, made of cut stone, covers an area of ​​1620 square meters with its interior and a total area of ​​2475 square meters. Selimiye Mosque attracts attention with its dome with a diameter of 31.30 meters and 43.28 meters above the ground.

The dome sits on 8 large pillars connected by arches of 6 meters wide. It is the most successful example of the 8-pillar mosque plan created by Mimar Sinan. The mosque has four graceful minarets with a diameter of 3.80 cm and a height of 70.89 m with three balconies each. Each balcony on the entrance side is accessed by separate roads, and the other two by one way.

In addition to the inaccessibility of its architectural features, the mosque is also extremely important with its decorative features such as stone, marble, tile, wood and mother-of-pearl. The mihrab and its pulpit are among the masterpieces of marble workmanship.

Edirne Selimiye Mosque and Complex was included in the World Heritage List as a cultural asset within the scope of 1st and 4th criteria with the decision numbered 35 COM 8B.37 taken at the 35th Term Meeting of the UNESCO World Heritage Committee between 19-29.06.2011.

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