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Setenönü 1892 Boutique Hotel Kayseri

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The dance of history and culture, combined with the traces of the past and the harmony of modernity, spells people. Sometimes it happens or the environment gets narrower, we want to run away from the crowd. We seek a port to shelter, we will be safe and warm, and we will keep everything quiet and desired. For such moments, the peaceful magical doors of Setenönü were opened to you with 1892 Setenönü Boutique Hotel.

The hotel consists of 31 rooms and 10 rooms are located in historical kayseri mansions whose restoration has been completed. Every detail has been designed so that the guests staying at the hotel can have a good time in a comfortable and comfortable environment.

Adres / Address:
Şehit Nazımbey Caddesi Setenönü Mahallesi No:6 38050 Melikgazi Kayseri
Telefon / Phone:
+90 352 333 1892
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