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Trilye Restaurant Ankara

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Established in 2002, the Trilye concept brings you the highest quality seafood that nature offers. Run by Süreyya Üzmez and his wife Mahmure, Trilye is open every day of the year, and is waiting to serve you and your guests under the motto “Fish for health; Trilye for fish”.

Located in the Gaziosmanpaşa quarter of Ankara, Trilye welcomes guests to its new address on Kuleli Street. With health and taste being our highest priorities, Trilye’s local, fresh and natural seasonal dishes will overload your taste buds with pleasure.

It is hard to describe Trilye, and only by experiencing it personally will you be able to decide what Trilye is to you: A homelike place where you can comfortably welcome your guests? A gourmet restaurant? Or a reputable gastro club?

As the recipient of a number of international awards for quality, we at Trilye are very mindful of fishing bans and standards related to the capturing of marine fish.

Adres / Address:
Kazım Özalp Mah. Kuleli Caddesi No.32 Gaziosmanpaşa ANKARA
Telefon / Phone:
+90 312 447 12 00
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