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Uzunköprü, Edirne Province, Uzunköprü District, on the Ergene River, was built by the architect Muslihiddin between 1427-1443, during the reign of Sultan Murat II, the sixth sultan of the Ottoman Empire. It is the longest stone bridge in the world, with a length of 1270.41 m and 174 arches.

It is thought that the three arches of the bridge remained under the road connecting to Uzunköprü district center during the intervening period.

Built with limestone and travertine cut stone blocks, the foundations of the bridge, which are placed on alluvial ground, are built on an energy-absorbing wooden grid system. The arches of the bridge are mostly in the form of double-centered pointed arches, but there are also arches in circular and flat circular forms. This magnificent bridge also carries motifs from the understanding of art and aesthetics of the Ottomans, which gathered different cultures in a wide geography from Central Asia to the Balkans. On the arches of the bridge, usually on the keystone, there are geometric motifs, plant and animal figures, central or Rumi palmettes in the decoration elements.

This monumental water structure has survived for nearly 6 centuries under harsh natural conditions thanks to its engineering knowledge in the selection of the material used, the placement of the pillars, determination of the arch openings, and the calculation of the elevation slopes.

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