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Yakutiye Medresesi, Turkish-Islamic Art and Ethnography Museum, Erzurum

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The Yakutiye Madrasah reflects the traditional architectural style of the Seljuk Period and is of the type of madrasas with a closed courtyard with four iwans. The balance established with the crown gate and the minarets in two corners of the madrasah was provided by placing mutual cupolas on the facade in the whole structure. Unfortunately, today, one of the minarets in the corners has been destroyed to the honor and the other to the base and is covered with conical cones. The floral, geometric motifs and symbolic depictions on the façade also show importance to balance and symmetry. The tile decorations that come across in doors and minarets are also of unique value.

The madrasa, which has been serving as the Museum of Turkish-Islamic Art and Ethnography since 1994, was built by Cemaleddin Hoca Yakut Gazani in the name of Gazanhan and Bolugan Hatun during the reign of Sultan Olcayto, the ruler of the Ilkhanid, according to the inscription on the crown gate.

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