Yanikali Mansion – Kastamonu

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Yanikali Mansion is in Başören village of Azdavay District. Yanik Ali Mansion, which is approximately 6 km away from the town center, has been restored within the scope of the Eco Tourism Development and Research Center (EGEM) project and by the Küre Mountains Eco-Tourism Association. The wooden mansion with 15 rooms and 35 beds, where breakfast and lunch and dinner with local delicacies are served together with the accommodation. There is also a meeting room available.

Yanıkali Mansion is like a historical bridge that dates back about 100 years with its architecture and story.

It has a meeting hall for 60 people, 14 rooms and a bed capacity of 35 people.

Adres / Address:
Başören Köyü Yolu, 37750 Başören/Azdavay/Kastamonu
Telefon / Phone:
+90 366 717 10 35
Web Sitesi / Web Site: